NAPAYAWAN ISLAND: A Perfect Escape from City’s Toxic

Napayawan Island has a magnificent and long narrow shorelines facing west to Sibuyan Island, Romblon.

It is located in the western part of Masbate province and serves as the boundary between Mandaon and Aroroy municipalities.

The island is one of the most untouched wonderful islands in the municipality of Aroroy, one which only a few knew and hardly discovered.

The island is a home for only a few number of households which mainly survives through fishing, harvesting of seaweeds and other related works for a living.

The island is accessible by motorboat from Mandaon Seaport. A one and a half hour travel renders a P50.00 fare. Motorboats arrive at Mandaon Seaport at 9:00 AM and depart from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM respectively.

This is very ideal for camping and night swimming.

Photo Credit: DonaGrace Refil

Photo Credit: DonaGrace Refil

There are cottages available for 200 pesos rent yet a broad sandy space awaits for your awesome tents.

Photo Credit: Dona Grace Refil

If you would prefer to stay overnight it is very safe. You could also request lights in cottages but this could be limited for only a few hours. But don’t worry a bonfire may accompany your all night activities.

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